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If you are one of fans who want to know all about Gustavo's many talents, achivements, and offshore bank accounts - you have come to the right place!

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The man of your wildest dreams...
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Oh noes...

Posted 7/17/2004, 9:10:24 UTC -8:00, GFC Moderator Olayide

Entertainment Weekly caught our boy at the pharma. Let's hope this is fake and we are getting punked... :X ~GFC Moderator Ola

An incriminating photograph of Gustavo at the pharmacy buying blonde ColorStay hair dye. He looks confused and not expecting a camera.
Update! We Finally Got A Response From Gustavo!

Posted 3/10/2005, 7:45:04 UTC -8:00, GFC Moderator Laura

We are pleased to announce that the elusive man himself finally reacted to our web site! Let's thank fan club member AzaliyaTigr for sending weekly emails and not giving up.

Click me! This is a conversation over 2005 MSN email. Gustavo sends a strange email: it says, ''Hi Anna, grazi for making it site. It’s look very good *kissing emojis*. But u have a problem. *sad face with 90s nose*. Ur information not right. U say wrong my birth year and country. I am 1979 and my nationality is Italian. Pls fix. Xoxox''. Then it also has a sexy pose of Gustavo in a 2005-looking email signature as well as a quote from Italian actor Adriano Celentano that says ''Chi non lavora non fa l'amore'' in tacky velvet text as part of the email.
NOTE: Gustavo denies all and any involvement with The Tesseract Dolphins. Please do not inquire.
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